September 11, 2012

Levanto to Castiglioncello




The weather continues to be great as we wander around our Bed and Breakfast this morning before departing at 10 am. Breakfast was available from 8 till 10. Once departing, we roamed through mountains overlooking the Cinque Terre area as we headed toward Pisa. Our planned lunch spot near the water was changed after discovering the blocked road that would have led us there. Never mind, on to Pisa and eventually our hotel by the water for tonight. Armando and Paula Almeida are still back at Genova waiting on a clutch. If I know Armando, he's making the best of his time there.

Our room last night was this first one on the right (here next to the garden area). The elevator is behind the umbrella.

The view from the upper deck garden area toward town.
From the lower deck garden area up the staircase to the upper deck garden area.
From the lower deck back toward the main building (Steve is staying in this main building).
From the reception area back down to the street.
From the top deck and garage area toward the Mediterrenean.
The secure garage area.
From the back street into the garage (you can see the elevator to the right of the garage door).
I may have to get a new model to pose with a smile? Shot from the mountain above one of the five towns in the Cinque Terre area.
Well, maybe not, she's redeemed herself.
I just love a good tunnel, and I haven't been disappointed here in Italy.
Mountain road
Some of the roads get small. (and very high in altitude)
Looking down from an even higher perch.
Uh oh, what's this say? I don't know for sure, but based on the arm waving from the truck coming back this way, it meant "don't go", so we didn't.
Riding through another one of the many communities.
Nobody owns a dryer?
I just told Steve, we're about to stop for lunch.
Lunch stop.
And "no" they don't speak English. Steve didn't miss the meal though, we're good.
Ok, so we did stop to do some touristy stuff. Don't expect much more.
Ok, here we are in our room for the night. Our balcony over the water.
Riding the elevator down toward the beach
They refer to this section as the cave (as it takes you to the beach)
More of the cave walk
Starting the long walk down the stairs.
Many more stairs to get to the beach.
Same stairs in reverse order.
Beach level (headed to town to eat)
No, Joy wouldn't go swimming.
If you look at the balcony on the left with the beach towels, we're the room just to the right.
Some decoration that goes with the beach.
Those two buildings that look alike are associated, and we're in the one on the right. (The bikes are parked in-between)
There's Steve coming up the stairs headed into town (with our hotel in the background).
Hey, where's that eating place we were told about?
Oh, this must be it.
Ah yes, and the night is complete. (Lobster)
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