September 12, 2012

Castiglioncello to Perugia




Today has been very entertaining. We had a leisure ride through some beautiful farming country on the way to see Amanda Knox. Our lunch stop was a self-contained family farm that reminds me of a plantation-like operation, where everyone that works there, lives there. Our Hotel in Perugia couldn't be any better, stationed right in the middle of the oldest part of town. Steve was a great sport in following me around the maze of old and small streets while taking several attempts at hitting the mark.

Many small communities between point A and B, and always old.

Sometimes there's traffic, lots of traffic.
On the outskirts of Sienna, we found this farm operation with a Ristorante.
So, we took the small gravel road next to the vineyard.
We find this at the end of the road. (Hotel Borgo Antico)
Our host is standing between Steve and Joy
Having lunch in their restaurant (the walls and ceiling are all brick)
I had beef, chicken, lamb and pork on their mix meat plate.
No worries, I'm protected
Facilities at the farm
More details
Roaming around the farm
Still roaming
Looking across to the neighbor's place.
And, to the other neighbor's place.
Just riding down rural roads.
Ok, made it downtown Perugia. However, this street seems funny?
Oh, I guess it is a deadend?
Ok, we'll just back-up. (Steve likes a good adventure too, thank goodness.)
Looking out the window of our room.
Steve, Paula, Joy and Armando reunited after a couple of days waiting on repairs. We're back together and walking to dinner.
Waiting on Armando to do some quick research for a restaurant.
Celebrating the successful clutch replacement and reunion back with the group.
The Argentineian cook and owner of the restaurant entertaining us after dinner.
The view from the balcony of the restaurant.
That crazy guy (opening the door back into our village hotel)
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