September 13, 2012

Perugia to Florence




Today was a big day. I circled through old town Perugia creating a video to demonstrate some of the local area and roads (while it was raining). After that, we departed and took a quick cruise to Cortona to have lunch, and then on to Florence for an early arrival. We walked the streets of Firenza to see David and others to make a complete day before retiring.
Video of old town Perugia.

This shot from our hotel window shows the small space in which the cars drive.
Amanda Knox's Flat
Up in Cortona just before lunch.
Many of the older communities are perched up on a hill such as this one.
The poor little Italian girl couldn't speak a word of English and didn't have a clue as to what was happening.
Having lunch in Cortona.
Joy from our hotel window in Florence.
Another shot
On our way to see David. (I promise, this is the last of this tourist stuff for me.)
David (he doesn't have anything to brag about)
Making a buck
They talked me into walking up 414 stairs to the top of this tower. (never again)
Ok, made it this far.
And, just a little farther.
Almost there (maybe, just maybe)
And done, we're at the top. Armando is staking his flag with pride.
Yes, we're happy. We're coming down now.
Statue here, Statue there, Statue everywhere
In front of the bridge
From the bridge
Those are lovelocks near Joy on the fence (padlocks fastened together to represent couples matched in love). Located on the bridge.
Take a close look at this. He just sat down in the middle of the street and took his chalk and started drawing. Amazing, and it will be washed off at the first rain.
These two live posers were just sitting in the middle of the street. What's next?
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