September 14, 2012

Florence to Lake Garda

We took a good part of the route today on the autostrada so we could make good time and arrive before dark. I wanted to have lunch in the Sirmione area and catch a ferry ride as well. Only a few miles north of Florence, we caught a 10 mile traffic jam (according to my gps). Armando took the lead and used the liberty extended to scooters and rode around the traffic (mostly on the right side). As the traffic was sitting still, we progressed nicely and minimized our threat of time. The tunnels held some challenge because we had to merge back into traffic to pass through. Regardless, it was a narrow escape of something that could have held us up for hours as it did many folks.

We rode through the Sirmione area and had lunch before navigating some of the perimeter of the lake in order to cross by ferry and arrive before dark. Armando and Paula split off from us at the bottom of the rock because they had a separate hotel for the night. The road between their hotel and ours has most definitely been the most entertaining of this whole trip (and, I've been entertained the whole trip). I do have video of the highlights, but it will take a few mores days to post. The internet service has been too weak in most areas to progress fast enough. On to the mountains tomorrow.



Arriving at Sirmione, the south end of Lake Garda

The castle (the real deal)

The entrance
But, on to more important stuff, lunch.
Lunch is no laughing matter.
The ferry ride.
And, the scenic pleasure as we ride. A very scenic ride and enjoyable part of the day.
Time for chat and other minor details.
Riding through the communites on the other side of the Lake.
Splitting off from Armando and Paula.
Plenty of dark tunnels.
Starting to climb a little bit.
A very scenic ride.
And, we're at the top. You can see the road beneath Joy that we were on.
That's a community at the bottom of the mountain by the water.
This perch is not 10 feet from the restaurant of the hotel we were staying and it extends out over the mountain.
Steve, don't move, if this overlook breaks, we're gone.
This picture was taken off of our balcony of our room. (Lake Garda)
Some of these videos are too long, but I keep them for my own reflection and I like to have a good idea of what I was riding.
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