September 16, 2012

Arabba to Merano




Today was a whole lot of switchbacks up-and-down the mountains. The miles were short, but it took a long time to make those short miles. The variety in each day's journey and destination bring new excitement. Today, we crossed two mountain passes, Giau and Giovo. Tomorrow, we will cross Stelvio.

Looking out the window first thing this morning before departing.

I have no idea what they were taking a picture of? But, I do know, they were very intent on doing it (very serious).
A little corn with those there hills.
Stopping for a break at the top of Giovo Pass.
Looking down from the top of the pass.
The top of the passes are popular stopping places for the bikers.
Getting near Merano (where we're staying for the night)
Those are apples in the foreground.
The entrance
The hotel from the garden area.
Our neighbors on the mountain side.
Hanging out in the window
Having breakfast before departing
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