Today, my grandmother passed. She (Minnie Sterling) was 102 and had a wonderful life with many fulfilling moments and no regrets. She will be greatly missed. Here's the most recent video taken by Joy for my cousin Bridget. It is titled "My Hero". (You can hear my grandbaby (Adalyn) in the background.)



September 17, 2012

Meranda to Samedan (Switzerland)




Today was all about the passes, specifically Stelvio. It was not disappointing. Plenty of everything, views, switchbacks, altitude, clear skies, nice temps, and plenty of other bikes to be entertained by.

I made the wrong turn about 20 miles before Stelvio and Steve and I ended up coming up the oddside of the mountain. It even involved a kilometer or two of gravel. Great scenery though. Armando and Paula came up the traditional side and they couldn't be happier with the experience. In fact, they talked Steve into going back down and coming back up that same side.

Samedan was not a disappointment either. A unique little swiss town next to St. Moritz (but, a better value) and stacked with it's own history as well.

This is the view looking down the hill as we were going up the odd side of Stelvio. I also have a video posted below.

Gravel happens
Reaching the top of Stelvio
It's a street fair at the top
This guy does a great brat sandwich complete with saurekraut
A closer view of the action. He's almost as good as Jim Wright. Come to the hamburger cookout and see.
This is a very long video of going up Stelvio. Be sure and move your mouse over the video and click at the bottom right to get a big screen.
This view is going down the backside of Stelvio
Take a picture up that way too
Yes, the waterfalls.
Tunnel, oh boy.
Fun, all day long.
Stopped for hot chocolate with snow in the background
Same shot, but with a flash.
Arrived at our hotel for the night.
We walked all over town looking for a restaurant to eat at, and ended up coming right back to where we started. This restaurant was next door to our hotel. The downstairs section was smoking (like all of Italy). However, the upstairs section was non-smoking and totally empty except for us. We had a table for five in a room that just had one table. It may be the best meal we have had this trip. The quaintness of the room, the solitude, the uninterupted waitress that spoke several languages (non of which were English), and Armando and Paula entertaining us with their ability to use about four different languages to try and communicate with this Swiss waitress. Very fun and entertaining. Oh, and the food was good.
Joy is sitting in the reception and bar area of the hotel.
At the Breakfast area
A very common sight at breakfast, meats on the left and cheeses on the right.
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