September 18, 2012

Samedan to Bellagio




I'm not sure what road we were on, but I definitely found my favorite today. Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures of it. I was so awestruck and scared, I couldn't film it. What a nice trail. I will be back for this one.

p.s. Access to the internet and it having decent speed has been a constant problem. I had more luck with the internet in South America.

Having lunch and sharing stories of the road (my favorite road ever) that we just finished.

However, Joy took a little bit of video of the spiraling decent (elevator) down the side of a this mountain. I wished the video was better, but I'll just come back again one day and do it again (promise). Click in the bottom right of the video to make it larger.
A quick stop
Easing through the small towns.
We were mesmerized that this cattle truck (fully loaded) made it down the section I commented about earlier.
He has to use the whole road to make his turns. And, earlier sections were much tighter?
So far so good
There's Steve and Armando held up behind the truck. We were entertained watching him negotiate the various situations.
Stopping to wait on the ferry.
What in the world is this?
Armando struggles with making new friends?
There's Bellagio over there
We're headed for the Hotel Bellagio (the white building) in the town of Bellagio.
It's just up these stairs on the right.
Armando coming up to check-in also.
A quick loop around town behind Armando to park the bikes
The bathroom is quite small, but very functional.
Looking out my window.
Looking out my window to the ferry we just rode.
This floatplane circled by about three times entertaining us with a buzz.
Late night dinner followed by a fireworks show. It is our last night of the motorcycle tour. Joy and I will be departing the group tomorrow for two nights in Venice (without the motorcycle) before returning home.
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