September 19, 2012

Bellagio to Venice



I am OK with Venice, Joy is not!

We woke up this morning in Hotel Bellagio within the city of Bellagio on Lake Como. It must be a pretty swanky neighborhood, it sure seemed like it. We had a leisure breakfast and departed by 11:00 am. We had 42 miles to travel back to Milan to return our bike. We caught a quick cab to the train station and hopped a train to Venice. It's approx. 150 miles and took about 2.5 hours. My gps had it moving at 100 mph (and, up to as much as 126 at one time) most of the time, but we had a few stops along the way that kept us from making even better time.

The arrival in Venice was less than desirable. My planning has gone downhill.


Riding out of town

Arriving back at Mototouring. I can't say enough nice things about their operation. Everything went smooth and as advertised.
Here's one of the new BMW scooters
Riding the train (tren)
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