September 20, 2012

Still in Venice today




This is our last day in Venice, then we'll take a train back to Milan tomorrow for a day of leisure before heading back to Texas on Saturday. Today is the last day that I will post. Most of the day was spent nosing around the neighborhood. We were originally booked in Hotel Iris. They had an issue and moved us to Hotel Astoria. However, they didn't have a "normal" room for us the first night and it was kind-of tight. They upgraded us today to a more (?) acceptable room. Better planning next time. (Especially, if Joy is with me.)

Outside our window of our first room.

In hot pursuit of today's activities.
I can't count how many tour groups we passed today. All the tour guides hold up some sort of flag or notebook and are speaking into a microphone. The group itself has earphones to listen to the comments. I don't know how they even stay together.
San Marco Plaza
Water Taxi, 120 Euros (about 45 minutes)
Our hotel was very near San Marco Plaza
Wonder what happens when a cruise ship comes to town?
Photo toward the open water
This is the Ferrari shop. How did they get this thing in here?
After the upgrade. We're up-town now.
Photo out the window of the second room
Again, out the room of the upgrade
Joy wouldn't pose with these two masked ladies, but this lady jumped right in there.
Rialto Bridge (famous bridge)
Water Bus, 7 Euro for a ride around the corner.
Gondola, 80 Euro.
Inbound Freight
They wouldn't know what to do with all the space in West Texas.
Shopping for anything and everything.
When Joy and I were in the Train Station in Milan, I asked for Ketchup with my meal. They gave me one packet of Ketchup for 20 cents. Every since, I've been asking the price first. We ordered this plate because we thought those were onion rings in the picture. As it turned out, it was Calamari just cut like onion rings? Also, that white stuff at the bottom of the plate is called mais (maise, which is corn), but when the young waitress pronounced it, it sounded like mice. Joy wouldn't eat it. Tasted like compressed grits. (The ketchup was free, but they made up for it on the other stuff.)
Apparently, another cruise ship has made it.
It happens! (That's all folks)
p.s. In the next day or two, I'll be adding a couple of long videos of rides in days past. (as soon as I can get some better internet)
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