RTE at Old Country Store
Lorman, MS


Every since I watched "Feasting on Asphalt" featuring Alton Brown, I had been wanting to go to Mississippi to try this Chicken dinner house. It just looked like a neat old building in a far away small town. The more remote the better.

Anyway, the weather was forecasted to be real nice this weekend and it's great to get out after you've been couped up all week with cold weather. So............I got to looking at the map to see what was out there a few hundred miles away knowing that I have been south lately so I didn't want to go that way. I'm planning on going to Big Bend in a few weeks so I didn't want to go that direction. I saw Mississippi on the map and decided to go that way. Barb Smith reminded me of the specifics of the Chicken place in Mississippi so I decided to conquer the chicken. I invited a few friends to meet me over there. I've ridden with all these guys at some point in time (or met them somewhere) in the past and I sure hope to ride with them again. B.B. is the guy I had met in Costa Rica when I was going south. We had lunch together at San Jose, Costa Rica and discussed traveling stories of our recent trip. This gave us a chance to catch up again.

I had planned on leaving at 4 am on Sunday morning but got up an hour early. No problem, I've been wanting to shoot a skyline photo of Dallas anyway, so I could just leave an hour early and go by and take a photo on the way. Well...........as soon as I opened the garage I noticed the fog was heavy and thick. The temps were at 32 degrees. I knew it would improve quickly but I decided to leave an hour early since I would have to go very slow. Most of the time the fog is just in one small area and you can get out of it very soon. I was hoping this was the case.

I went down the tollway and around 635 because I felt like the lighting would be better and the temperatures would be warmer. The fog continued to be thick as I rounded 635 only to be alarmed by the many flashing lights ahead from all the emergency vehicles. I just eased over and took the first exit thinking I could stay on the service road. I'm not sure what the problem was, but it took several miles of weaving down various streets to circumnavigate the situation and get back on 635 close to Mesquite.

I stopped at the Truckstop near Terrell to wait on Colin. He said he was up for the challenging ride today. I went inside to have breakfast but forgot my phone. By the time I went out to retrieve my phone Colin had called to tell me he wouldn't make it. I was pleased that Colin had made the safe decision to refrain from the trip, because way too many people don't know when to say when.

I headed east a few minutes earlier than I had planned because of the safe speeds I had to travel. I was recalling the last time I had ridden in the soupy conditions and that was in Argentina. I had gotten up about 3 am in the morning to head south. I was hoping to get an Iron Butt certificate for South America while I was on my trip. It was raining when I departed, but I assumed it would let up within a couple of hours. I finally stopped for lunch and was drenched from riding in the rain all day. After spending about an hour in a roadside Cafe/Gas stop, I continued on. By early afternoon the rain had not stopped and the fog was getting worse. I decided to stop at the nearest motel and just quit for the day. I never accomplished the Iron Butt in Argentina, and although I hate that, sometimes it's better to try another day.

As I was going east to MS, I was battling three things that I wanted to improve. I need warmer temperatures, daylight, and less fog. I was thinking if any one of those three things could improve, then everything would start to be better. As I was looking through my mirror checking lights coming from the rear, I noticed I couldn't hardly see through the mirror. I reached up to wipe off some of the water droplets and found it to be frozen. I also looked up on my windscreen and saw that my water droplets on there were no longer wiggling. This can't be good. My thoughts went to the bridges then. I knew I had to start paying close attention to the bridges and make sure they weren't getting slick. Before I knew it the mirrors and windshield cleared up and I was good to go. I was happy just being back to needing three things to improve. I never thought about things getting worse.

By Longview I could see the outline of the treeline on both sides of the interstate and I new things would be better with some light. By Marshall the visibility was up to 1/2 mile and I was up to the speed limit. Temperatures were up to 36 degrees by now and everything was coming together. The low overcast clouds remained until Vicksburg and temps didn't get above 40 until I got to Lorman. When I got to Lorman, I had three bikes waiting on me while the sun popped out. Two more bikes were soon behind and we all six went in to enjoy lunch. The building was definitely old and unmaintained. The food and fellowship was good. We were able to get in before the church crowd and felt lucky to do that with the building starting to fill up.

We kicked tires for a few minutes and then rode our separate ways. Fletcher Clark is from Ruleville, MS, Terry Watson is from Charleston, IL, Terry Braud from Gonzales, La, Ray Williams from Huntsville, AL, and B.B. Neely from Hattiesburg, MS.


Terry, Ray, B.B. (click to enlarge)
Ray, Terry, Fletcher, B.B.
Terry, Ray, Terry
B.B., Fletcher and Terry
Terry, Ray and Terry
Terry, Fletcher, Ray and Terry
B.B.'s Adventure and all it's decals (photo by Ray Williams)
Terry Watson, Fletcher Clark, B.B. Neely, Bo Griffin and Terry Braud (photo by Ray Williams)