My Weekend trip to Grutas de Bustamante in Mexico

August 28, 2010


Stan Goodell, Donald Hamm and myself teamed up to take a weekend trip to see some Caves near Bustamante, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. We also made a stop at the Casa Hogar Refugio y Esperanza orphanage on the way. The video was shared by Donald, whereas the pictures are supplied by all three of us. We spent Friday in Eagle Pass and Saturday night in Sabinas Hildalgo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


Arriving at Casa Hogar with our bikes fully loaded
Stan walking in the gate with the first container
Donald close behind
Smiling faces
The kids are very happy
Stan could communicate better than Don and I, but I think the message was well received
Stan truly played a good Santa Claus
Eleven kids and one of which is very small
Happy recipient
Party time
These two nice ladies were helping out
The young one of the bunch
Dining area
TV Room
Other side of the TV room
Shower Area
The room for the smaller kids (baby bear)
The bedroom for the middle size kids (mama bear)
The bedroom for the larger kids (papa bear). In fact, one of them is sleeping over there.
Another shower room
Laundry room
Stan still sharing the gifts
The biggest excitement was over the candy
The girls were having fun in the kitchen. You can see the candy on the counter
Group shot with Donald and I on our way out the door. We took soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, paper, pens, drawing paper, markers, backpacks, brushes, hair clips, some clothing, candy, etc. etc. I was very disappointed that I didn't get to meet Claudia for a second time. Maybe the third time will be the charm?
Parking under a tree in Sabinas at a breakfast stop
This is a hotel that I wanted to investigate, so we just had breakfast here in the outdoors
On the way to Bustamante, some roads are better than others
I finally found something I can pass
A brief stop to let the goats by
Donald and Stan at a brief stop in the Canyons of Bustamante
Strike a pose
No, we were not tent camping. However, someone was.
At the swimming hole in Bustamante
Taking a break at the swimming hole
At the parking area of the caves. The caves are at that platform up there.
Our shuttle ride to the top
On our way up
Enjoying the ride
Donald and Stan overlooking the town of Bustamante down below
Another viewpoint
The entrance to the cave
The walkway to the interior
Inside the cave
Our tourguide spoke, I took pictures.
It made for an interesting 30 minutes
Caves are always cool inside (nice temperature too) Is that a ghost?
Headed back to the entrance
Another look on the way out. The parking lot down below is where our bikes are parked and the town of Bustamante is just above. It was a very nice and clean town. I could definitely spend the night there.
On our way down the mountain. We spent the night in Sabinas Hildalgo and rode home early Sunday morning. Nice trip.