Pop's Rally
November 28, 2009


The Spot Track

The MapSource file that we used


Received a notice from Michael Hickman about a rally he was hosting up in Oklahoma. The most interesting part of this rally that got my attention was that it would finish at Pop's on Route 66. I had been by Pop's while practicing for the Iron Butt back in the summer but didn't take the time to stop. This rally would finish there at Pop's and we could try out their food too. Joy agreed to come along with me on this ride because she really likes the idea of seeing Route 66. Herman van Beek, Don Dobbs and Bud Eastburn also volunteered to share their day with us.


Pop's is where we finished the ride
We started from Madill at 6 am and our first stop was the tiny chapel near Dickson, OK
Our next stop was the fire station in Wilson, OK. However, this was their "old" fire station and I took the photo just in case.
This is the actual current fire station in Wilson. (I got extra points for taking the photo with a Bra)
The Muffler Man near Wynnewood, OK
The City limits of Slaughter, OK (Peta tried to get the town to change the name, but no luck)
The tree that survived the bomb in OKC
The Memorial Fence at the bomb site in OKC
The Red Caboose in Choctaw, OK
The sign at Pops was our last bonus point. We then proceeded over to catch the rest of the bunch and go inside for lunch.
Post Rally & Pre Lunch at Pop's
Entering Pop's
Inside Pop's
There's a 25 minute wait, but they escort us right on outside to the "special" section. Service was very good.
Michael Hickman at the center of the table (with the notebook) reviewing Rally results.
Bud is on the left and then Don with his back to us. Joy is across from Don while Herman is on Don's right. We met a guy from Frisco who is sitting across from Herman
Outside and ready to depart (It was a very nice day)
Discussing radio situations
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