Trip to Roundtop, TX 9/20/03
Two Log Cabins w/ dog run Thelma in front of Log Cabin

The Texas Room

Joy, Thelma, & Bob

Between the cabins Relaxing
Will there be rain?
Reading by candlelight
A Corner lamp
Ye old tub
Old Bathtub, very unique another angle
A stairway to the loft bed The loft bedroom
Teague, TX Ok, enough fun, we're ready to go
Home Page
I recently made a trip to Roundtop with my wife, mother, and father. We drove down on Saturday and returned on Sunday. We stayed in a quaint little log cabin about three miles east of town. I recommend Taylor Farms for anyone who is considering a Bed and Breakfast in that area. The countryside is full of rolling hills and grassland. It is a favorite stop for antique shopping also. Below are my pictures of the log cabin.