Cedar Key, FL tonight

March 28, 2011


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Departing our room in Ft Walton Beach this morning. Charlie, Richard and Allan are headed back to Dallas as planned. Herman, Bud, Karen, Joy and I are continuing on.

We are bellied up to the bar here at the Donut Hole. Hey Charlie, it was much more than we expected.
We finally made it to Mexico
Riding the trail. We saw many many miles of coast. We also crossed a large amount of bridges that I really enjoy
Joy tells me to quit bragging on my bike (cause things could change) however, it is running like the fine oiled machine that it is. (Chasing Herman)
I was glad to catch this video of riding through this quaint little town only to be topped off by a bridge ride afterward (Chasing Herman)
Riding along the shore (again)
Our room here at Cedar Key is the nicest so far. The community is very quaint with a very small amount of tourist activity.
Stepping out of our rooms on the way to dinner. Our breakfast was so big at the Donut hole, we skipped lunch today. Now we'll make up for it.
Karen with our hotel in the background
Joy and Herman leading the way to the restaurant
Deciding on where to eat
Our choice is in the background
Herman had some Oysters on the half shell. We're not sure which food was local and which was not. The waitress just said, "some of it comes from here, and some of it comes from somewhere else"?
Inside the Rusty Rim
Herman, Joy, Karen and Bud shot from the dock
Another shot including myself
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