Alexander City, AL tonight

March 31, 2011


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Herman, Bud, Karen, Bill Allen and me. Bill Allen met us here in Alexander City, Alabama and went to eat dinner with us. Bill had lived in the Dallas area for 40 years and came back home to Alabama to retire. He is a past member of the Lone Star BMW riders. Bill said, "hello" to Tom and Shalinda Oliver, Charles Martin, Mike Moon, Jim Wright, and several others.

We're at the Historic downtown checking out the neighborhood
Bill Allen, Bud, Karen, Joy and Herman
Bud is at the Soda Fountain at the local drug store. It can't compete with the Curtsinger Drug store that was downtown Frisco many years ago, however they have made an attempt at resurrecting history.
These young girls were overtaken by the "giggles" over our riding attire. In fact, this one in the front couldn't even raise her head from the outbreak.
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