Greenville, MS tonight

April 1, 2011


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Riding down hwy 22 in Alabama

Ok, we've made it to the boats. Go Joy, and win the big one.
This was the last picture that we took going into the Casino. Karen was instructed "not" to take pictures as we entered. She said, "no problem". However, that wasn't good enough. They called security and we (the cameras) were escorted back out the front door. Joy's luck wasn't much better and she soon followed with empty pockets.
The security officer allows us to park in the front door (Yes, security is necessary)
The kitchen as it looked when we walked through
Eagerly waiting the feast
Looking into the kitchen from our table
Having a well known tamale for an appetizer (This was a favorite of Alton Brown as featured on "Feasting on Asphalt"
Frying some potatoes in the kitchen
A fine fillet Mignon ($35)
Lil Charles (grandson of original Doe) working the grill
Crossing the Mississippi bridge
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