Mexico Ride
Christmas 2015
Saturday, 1/2/16


Early morning in Jalpan. We're spending two nights in this town.

It's not as quite as it looks. They still shoot some fireworks at random, even during this time period.

Some of these buildings have been here for years.

Jalpan from the mountain (in the fog)

A quick stop at a small town on our way to Penamiller for lunch

Pinal de Amoles is the name of this town

Downtown Pinal

Baby is wrapped up and content

Chicken anyone?

I should not make any comments in regards to this. You make your own.

Stopping for lunch in Penamiller

Town center gathering point

Downtown fruitstand

Our waiter was trying to convince Herman to have lunch upstairs and enjoy the view. We preferred to sit near our bikes.

Ok, this is how it works. The commode does not have water piped-in. Therefore, you open the spicket and fill the bucket there. Then, you add water from the bucket to the commode so it will flush. Things are different out in the countryside.

Dave and Herman contemplating the menu.

They were happy to prepare lunch for us.

Leaving town

Load-up kids we're going to town.

Whomever painted Mary on the side of the mountain did a great job (tough duty)

Dave, riding along.

Cattle grazing on the side of the road

As we got to the top of the mountain, the fog set-in.

It's tough seeing the oncoming traffic

Leaving Jalpan in the morning (Dave and Herman)

The curvy trail that we rode this day.

A brief video of today's variety of travel

Another video of the same trip to Penemiller (done by Dave)