Mexico Ride
Christmas 2015
Sunday, 1/3/16


In Landa, Mexico taking a couple of photos

Well, one more doesn't hurt.

Herman practicing his spanish on this Federale.

Plenty of traffic today.

Lunch stop in Ciudad Valles

My bike is faster than your bike

Sugar cane going to market

The white tint on these trees are a direct result of the dust coming from a local rock quarry

She is carrying a young baby with both hands. I hope he doesn't hit a bump.

Hotel Mante in Ciudad Mante for the night

The backyard where we parked the bikes. They claim to be a 4 Star Hotel. The lack of hot water would beg to differ.

We get to park next to their laundry

Window shopping like a little kid

Herman, don't you think we have all the scooters we need for now?

Where do you get your candy?

Prepping some tortillas at our dinner spot

Seafood preparation taking place