Mexico Ride
Christmas 2015
Monday, 1/4/16


Left Ciudad Mantes this morning heading to Tule, then Santa Engracia. Crossing the mountains (here) as we go.

And, high enough to get back in the clouds

Odd little house (and storefront) in Tule, Mexico

Near downtown Tule. A lot of detail work in their walkway.

That driveway took some time too.

Chicharron anyone? (Pork Skins)

Tortilla factory (we're still in Tule)

Checkpoint by the Federal Police on our way to Santa Engracia (Ciudad Victoria)

Various types of rock and plant life as we cross another mountain.

Herman, what are you getting us into? (Or, are you just saving me from what "I" got us into?)

Here we are at Hotel Hacienda Santa Engracia. I've been wanting to come here for many years. I've finally made it, and it is much more than I expected.

Parked our bikes next to our room.

Different viewpoint

These girls made us welcome at the reception area.

Muriel above the reception area

This is my entryway into my room.

My bed on the left, my fireplace on the right, the wash area beyond the first door, and the bathroom beyond the second door. Nice.. (1,130 pesos, or $67 US)


Orange trees on the property

Numerous orange groves in the area.

The specimen itself. So...............I wonder if we will get fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning? (Yes, we did.)

Olympic sized pool in the back

Various types of trees on the property.

Some trees in-bloom

Some of the trees are pretty mysterious

31 rooms

Conversation area and Nativity scene

Nostalgic Billiard Room

Artifacts hanging on the wall

A wall of collections around the fireplace

The table itself

The Christmas plant? (Poinsettia maybe?)

Window protected by bars

Garden area

I'm trying to think of the name of this purple flowering plant?

More plant life

Five dining areas. I'll call this first dining area 1. This portion of the house was built in 1715. (reserved for special occasions)

Dining area 2 (also, reserved for special occasions)

Dining area 2 also (Efrain is our host for our stay)

Kitchen area

Dining area 3

Dining area 4 (patio)

Another view of dining area 4

Just outside the Bar

Inside the Bar (and Dining area #5)

Artifacts in the Bar

Another saddle (there are many treasures within the property)

Tall, and very old trees

I had many relatives that have traveled to Mexico (before my time). Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Grandmother, Cousins, Uncles, etc. This is the kind of place I envision them staying in during their travels to Mexico. Although this particular place has been here several hundred years, they only started renting rooms in 1984.

Well rooted tree.

Barn door

Peaceful setting

Guess who's special...............Dave, Herman and Bo. We were honored to be invited to have breakfast in the "special occasion" dining room complete with a fire in the background (The next morning).

Left for home after Breakfast (until next time......................)

I didn't have access to the internet, so I'm a day late in posting.
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